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From Paris, with Claire (ze end)

Opera model (1) Opera model (1)
This model has been at Orsay for a while. Just figured I'd shot it, since I haven't gotten around to take pictures of more than the Great Hall of the Opera for the "Report on places related to Interview with the Vampire". I guess it would help better if someone was to write a story set in the Opera. From backstage areas...
Opera model (2) Opera model (2)
Opera model (3) Opera model (3)
... to the stage (notice the odd rooms underneath, and plenty of space for the phantom to hide)...
Opera model (4) Opera model (4)
Opera model (5) Opera model (5)
... to the Main Hall and entrance, finally.
porcupine porcupine
This stuffed porcupine is massive. And tasteless. I wonder who would buy that to put on display in their house?
Eiffel Tower Eiffel Tower
And of course, Paris wouldn't be Paris without her (well, now, at least) : they had just started to light it up.
Eiffel Tower Eiffel Tower
Jardins du Luxembourg Jardins du Luxembourg
Ah, too bad. The sun was setting when we arrived at the Jardins du Luxembourg. IMO, the only thing worth seeing in it is this fountain, but it was too dark already to take good pictures.
Jardins du Luxembourg Jardins du Luxembourg
Okay, pushing the light and making the jealous Cyclops get out of the shadow is creepy...
Jardins du Luxembourg Jardins du Luxembourg

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