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It's pathetic.
In summer in Paris, the local subway (run by the RATP company) displays messages regarding pickpockets, in French and in English (for tourists). Good intention. But here's what I've just read on one of those message screens :
"Don't attract pickpockets. Keep your wallet in a safe place. The RATP hopes you a pleasant journey".
... Sometimes I'm ashamed to be French.
First, why not a simple "beware of pickpockets"? I'm pretty sure tourists don't try to specifically "attract" pickpockets.
Second, there's been a confusion between the two meanings of the french word going for "hope/wish" : hoping for oneself, and wishing to someone. Not to mention the word "journey" doesn't really apply to a subway ride...
In the end, it looks like it's been translated by BabelFish... I can't believe there isn't a single person in the ones in charge of this short message who speaks English any better than that...