February 6th, 2005


"It's alive... alive!" - back on-line

So I had no Internet since yesterday (Friday) morning.
Because it died on us that day. Couldn't connect, couldn't actually launch Windows completely.

Spent some part of today to get/format new hard drive, install and make it work.
Install twice, and off-line, and install firewall and anti-virus before even trying to go on-line, because the first time, it kept rebooting after 1 minute, and the few Googling done on the error message said it might be a worm. A worm that managed to install itself in the same time as Windows? o_O

I hate virus makers...


Took a while to recover email accounts and stuff, so
if you sent me an email in the last 2 days, please send it again kthanx?

Just in case.