March 6th, 2005

Summer Phoenix

Mauvais Génie (Marianne Denicourt, Judith Perrignon)

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A book, a story, an anecdote...

Summary : Arnold Duplancher is a not-so-young anymore movie director, an intellectual snob who punctuates his sentences and theories with quotes from cult directors and thinkers. He's bitter and alone, because his primary source of inspiration is the wounds of the people around, who turn their back on him when they realize how he uses them. He claims that he made movies for revenge against his family, against his country, against his ex-lovers.
One of these ex, Marianne, is warned about his new screenplay by one of the actresses it was sent to. It has too many echoes from her own ghosts : her husband, who died when she was pregnant with their first child, and her father. Echoes distorted by hatred and bitterness.

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