March 9th, 2005


This morning's reading list

That's what you get for paying for stupid billboards

Chicks and kitten - it calls for a million of subtitles

Anne Rice *is* writing a biography of Jesus. Ah well. At least that's one character who I won't care if she totally rapes him, unlike Armand.

Little cougar cub pics - awwwww... Now *that* is what I want if I ever get rich. Like, fabulously rich, enough that I can afford the vast territory and care for wild creatures. Yes, I want to be Siegfried & Roy. Minus the awful hair and glitter outfits.

Also, *sporks KME*
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Rip, CD Burner.

And I meant Rest in peace, not "rip that CD, yo!".


So, by the look of it I need to buy a new one.
And tomorrow, strike on public transports in Paris. I'm not sure I'll be able to go to work. And for once, I do have work. Kind of urgent workd.

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