March 26th, 2005

Paul - Dune - King of Pain

Money well spent

I didn't buy the used laptop I was eyeing on, because they'd sold it. Drat.

So instead I went in the computer shops quarter, bought a DVD burner to replace my old (and worn out) CD burner, so I can finally make some space on the computer to actually work on it... Due to either my charming smile (... for those of you who saw me in person, I'm obviously joking) or the customer who complained about one of their DVD-roms have "eaten" his CD while I was there, the guy offered me a discount of more than 50% on the DVD pack I bought - that's 13 Euros spared. Yaye!

I went my merry way and asked an old couple sitting in a cafe where was the subway station I needed, and bless the sedentary idle old people, they sent me in the right direction - which spared me quite some searching around under the increasing rain.

Bought the Children of Dune DVD set with discount tickets I'd gotten a couple of weeks ago (... well, gotta use them and I didn't find a better idea), and "Farewell my Concubine", without discount because it just got released, but I needed it. There is a 16 pages color booklet inside *squeee!* And apparently a 22 mn making-of featurette. Need to find time to watch the whole thing. Leslie...

Also bought a couple of stuff on the way, and here I'm back.

Also, this morning came in my mailbox two packages I was waiting for : clippings about Summer and Rain Phoenix that I won on Ebay (... impulse thing. It was cheap and I was the only bidder), and the other thing I was waiting for. Thanks *waves*

I'll have a lot of things to do on that computer once it's working properly again.
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