March 27th, 2005


LJ Archive, LJ Drama

I'd like to make downloads of my LJ as a backup and found a link to LJ Archive.
Anyone has tried it? Advices?

Also I was going to do the LJ Drama meme, but the generated entries are so familiar that it'd be barely funny...

And once again, a Sunday passes without me doing really much at all (well, I have excuses : the day is shorter by an hour, I need extra sleep, I installed my DVD-burner, and my right calf / ankle is still achy after a whole week - I think I screwed it at the swimming-pool last Sunday, and since I walked around a lot yesterday, uh...)...
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*face plant*

2 DVD burnt so I can make space on my hard drive (I kept a quite small hard drive precisely to force myself to do backup on a regular basis...). I wonder how I lived without the DVD burner before. It's so much faster. The Nero Express supplied with the drive is a pain, though.

And I'm not sure my computer goes any faster. It didn't even take that long to defrag.

But I'm still exhausted, and upon talking with my dad about my calf muscle pain, it might be more serious than I thought. In any case, it's not really getting better, just the pain is moving.

No really, I never had so many health problems before I started sports :P
And I'm not even doing traumatic sports!

So well... Going to bed early.

*pats Zoi*
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