March 30th, 2005


Question, musings

What are the DVDs that you think I ought to have in my DVD library?
What are the ones you couldn't live without?

I need a haircut. I look like Chryssie Hynde.

We have a new modem, delivered home by our provider. For some reason. We haven't been told if we were supposed to send back the old one, if we're going to pay a "rent" for it (the one before was ours, we had bought it).
Ah well. The modem works. It's so rare, it has to be celebrated.

I bought the box. Now I only need to find the key. *evil grin*

The conclusion of a phone call at work is that I can't properly work with the computers as they're set. Yaye.
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Black Queen _ corset fetish

I found my Kitty Pryde

There's this sitcom on TV, "8 Simple Rules... for Dating My Teenage Daughter" (I think they could probably find shorter titles), and the youngest daughter makes me think of Kitty Pryde by the time she joined the X-Men, physically and also a bit the character.

Amy Davidson
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