April 18th, 2005

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A positive post : Kaamelott

Except that it will only be of interest to French people, because it pertains to a TV "showlet" (a short program) that airs here. It's been airing for a few months already, and since I got caught I forgot to post about it sooner.

As the name gives it away, it's a sort of parody on the Arthurian myth. In French, the pronounciation of this misspelling of Camelot actually is to "camelote", which means "cheap merchandise". A parody where they speak in a rather modern way, where most knights are losers, Guinevere is... not as pretty or charming as the legend says, Arthur has more mistresses than knights, they both have relationship problems with their step parents, etc...

So okay, the humor is sometimes quite low, but the actors are good and it's a nice little laugh each evening - though now we're reaching the point in their random programmation where I more often stumble on episodes I've already seen that on new ones.

And it's the only viewable program on this channel (M6) by now, so...

Official site (in French) :
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