April 21st, 2005



I hadn't tested the DVD drive on the laptop yet (only using a CD on it), and I was well inspired to do it before I left.

First because the software wasn't installed (the DVD was in the package, but since there were a bunch of useless softwares installed already - Norton, AOL... I say it's useless because I'll be damned before I use AOL, and that computer will not be logged on Internet anyway, so duh, no need for Norton...).

And second, because upon trying to play "Farewell my concubine" on it, I wonder if it's actually supposed to be able to play anything, or if the DVD coding has "improved" somehow during the last years... Because basically, it takes a full minute to read 5 seconds of video.

And I'm not making that up. It's a "frame by frame slow motion", and it's not even showing all the frames o_O

There doesn't seem to be a feature to decrease the window resolution on WinDVD (yes, WinDVD sucks, but I didn't really have the time to go fetch something that would work on Win 2000 and be compatible with whatever DVD player is in the Fujitsu Siemens).
I tried to decrease the screen resolution (well, the color rather... because the screen has such a weird width / height scale that there's only one resolution that works. 1280x600...), but it doesn't seem to make it better to the least.

Any advice on what else I could do (apart from removing all the crap softwares that are launched at start, and I don't even know how to do that on Win 2000, so I'm starting by removing all AOL)?
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So it took me to uninstall all of the AOL crap on that computer (2 versions of AOL plus 3 or 4 separate "tools"), and go into the services control panel to desactivate all the crap I saw now use for, but the DVD drive does play at a reasonably good rate... and even with sound, this time around.
*roll eyes*

Man, how do people do when they are totally clueless in computers? Not that I'm even decently good with them, I had to look up how to get into the services control panel again... But at least I know it exists and I know I can get rid of some services!
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It seems that almost all of my email addresses have not been working for a few hours. Which is double strange since they're not all from the same providers.
I wonder if that has anything to do with the unidentified window asking "Allow / Desactivate / Block / (etc)" this after (I think it was launched by Firefox, that persists in annoying me with its random shortcut keys...), where I clicked "block" because it gave no indication on *what* I was supposed to allow or block... But there doesn't seem to be any parameter in the email software that's incorrect. And it cheks Hotmail accounts all right.

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