July 17th, 2005


Da Vinci Code

Funny. There's currently a documentary on what is historical truth and what isn't in the book.

It seems that the main "thesis" is based on a "fact" defended by the Priory of Sion... that got revealed several years later as being a complete fraud built up by the guys who funded the Priory.

But Dan Brown seems to be convinced (or at least claim so) that it was a real thing.


(and I still haven't read the book. I'm paralized with not caring very much)

WEEEEE, they filmed some scenes in Paris! I know these places now!

ETA : and the documentary is hosted by Baldrick. I mean Tony Robinson. I bet he's the best person to uncover a cunning plan.
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Garulfo _ shocked

... Tea

Remember the recent post-London joke about how for Brits, anything can be solved with a cup of tea?

There's a documentary on Rudolph Hess, first "lieutenant" of Adolf Hitler, who in 1942 flew directly to UK, for reasons remaining unknown to that day.

There's a TV interview of the (Scottish?) farmer who found him and captured him.

It's short, but one of the 7 sentences he said is :
"I offered him a cup of tea, but he only took a glass of water"

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All this spam today, and I nearly forgot.

It's beadpixie's birthday. I don't think she has the time to be on LJ anymore, but I assume it means she's a happy and busy student / musician.

So happy birthday, Ricean sister!
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