November 12th, 2005


Eww, Emo and Yaoi

Eww :

US Senate repeals Habeas Corpus
... Days like that, I would nearly give credit to the conspiracy theories that 9/11 was planned or at least that the US government let it happen just so they could later enforce all sorts of anti-constitutional and bullying politics with a good excuse.
They sure are using it 100%.

Emo :

I can never take Squall suicide fic seriously. My mind always starts singing, "If you're emo and you know it, slash your wrists!"

Yaoi :

But everything in the world gets better with Japanese gay porn with bishounen. So :

Shi-ran, scanlations (I've just found out on scans_daily the goodness that is Nanao Bohra)

Nakama scanlations, ditto

To dig later. But not at work.
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