January 9th, 2006


Beaubourg - Big Bang

The Centre Pompidou, Museum of Modern Art in Paris (we have several actually... The Tokyo Palace is the other big one), has done a "re-vamping" of their collection to present it in a thematic way demonstrating the way Modern Art de-constructed then re-invented Art. And they call it "Big Bang".

And so, pictures :

Collapse )

Well, that concludes my tour of the museum, which confirms my take on the subject:
No, not ALL of the Modern Art is a talentless fraud. Still, a big part is...

More Thunderbird not-love

So, I have ONE simple question.

How in the hell do you display the sender in the email list #@è%$&!?!

Oh, and, #4 of things I HATE in softwares : the ones that only have online help. Fuck you with no love, Mozilla.

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