January 15th, 2006

Daria - laugh

Brokeback Mountain

I actually don't plan to go seeing it.
Not because of the "OMG GAY COWBOYS?! OFFENCE!". Rather because I saw the trailer just before King Kong, as well as the trailer for Sam Mendes' "JarHead" that's released a week later or before here. And that between these two Jake Gyllenhaal movies, the second looks more interesting to me. So not in the mood to watch a love story drama, be it about gay cowboys or the fancy het couple of the day. And the leads don't do it for me anyway.

This being told, I heard about this :

And rolled my eyes. Utah. What more can you say?

I may not be interested so much into the movie, but this shows why it's good that it exists. Apart from setting on fire the panties of slash fangirls all over the world, that is.
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