February 19th, 2006


Comics fun

Ain't that funny how some people can write stories about characters you didn't know from scratch, and yet you immediately get to like them and laugh with them?

This is an example. It's so cute and messed up and funny. Especially the bit about bat ears.

But it also works with characters you used to know that have been rewritten :
in reply to a rather cliché-d scene between Ultimate!Piotr and Ultimate!Kurt, merrickm gives his (her?) own version of the ""Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I want to get in your pants and can we be friends like before you found out?" dialogue :

Peter: "Have you ever met a girl you are not attracted to?"
Kurt: ". . . Not really, no."
Peter: ". . ."
Kurt: ". . ."
Peter: "Anyway, my point is-"

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