September 1st, 2008

Amadeo _ love and pretend

AAW 2008 1) Armand on DeviantArt

AAW 2008 banner

Drawings :

Beautiful little Armands :

A lil' Armand with roses, manga-inspired :

Fictional book cover :

Interesting non-manga style, for a change ;) :

Marius & Armand (NSFW!) :

Err... "Japanese School boy Armand"? *scratches head*
Oh, I'm surprised it hadn't been done yet, actually.

Armand and Marius vocab :

Vampire Chronicles Pretty Boys (Lestat / Louis / Armand / Marius, apparently) :

Immortal Idiot (not Armand's brightest moment, obviously... *g*) :

Little comics :

Armand educates : GANZ!

Didja know Armand is Emo?

People posing (and 'Shopping, or 'Shopped) as Armand :

LOLArmand : yep
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