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Armand Appreciation Week : manga

Continuing the Armand Appreciation Week...

my vision of Armand in manga

Obviously there is the IWTV manga, but it's rare and as far as Armand goes, I haven't seen much of it.
But I did find an Armandian feel (though lighter and younger - well technically this character is only "eternally 16" compared to the "eternally 17" of Armand, but he looks younger than I imagine Amadeo) in Narumi Kakinouchi's manga.
She essentially draws vampire stories, the most famous one being "Vampire Princess Miyu". And she draws a lot of pretty guys in there.

But it's a distinct manga (though related to her vampire stories) that rang my bell.

"The Wanderer"

Detail of a double page of the manga. This is the kind of expressions that I associate to Armand. Melancholic, sad... Too sad for his youthful look.

Another "Thoughtful Armand" expression. Cover of book 3.

Actually, it's not fully representative of the manga. Kodou Sei, the character, has been made a vampire at 16 by a teenage vampire girl, Yui, who is, to be honest, a annoying whiner. He's looking for her ever since.
These vampires are not "classical" vampires, they don't fear sunlight or water or crucifix. They're actually supposed to fight demons (called Shinma).

And Sei is usually a very lively, funny, mischievous boy.

But we're more used to picture Armand brooding, so...

Also lately I was caught by this pic on the cover of another manga of her,

I think the character's name is Shobo, but I haven't figured out who he is exactly...
And it doesn't matter much. He's cute, and Armandian.


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Sep. 2nd, 2003 01:47 am (UTC)
Let me finish reorganizing my picture folders. I have scans of IWTV doujinshi's with Armand in them. As well as the manga.
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