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So the Armand Appreciation Week so far, summed up...

Armand Appreciation Week - 1-7 September 2003

(by inverse chronological order)

If you have participated and I forgot you, let me know.

silverthoughts's second entry : a study of various movie/manga/cast suggestions for Amadeo

demondoll2001's entry : a post originally from the ARML

ozfille's entry : a philosophic essay on Armand

stovetop00's entry : comparing Armand and Gollum *giggles*

thaumazein's entry

cinnamoncandy's entry

didoslament's entry

silverthoughts's entry

Jackie even created a small website to commemorate. I have no idea what's a siggie, but there it is.
It was pointed out to me in this post by silverthoughts

And me, of course, with one post a day dedicated to him this week (though this one makes two for today), cause hey... it's what I do.

Ironically enough, among these few entries, the 2 longest ones were written by people who actually don't like Armand, and one another by a dedicated Louisian.
So Armandians, where are you? Have you abandoned him, too?

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