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If it's a scam, it needs to become true

New Star Wars merchandising... - link from silverthoughts

Ditto for this : 14 days of paid time offered by LJ in compensation for the Power Failure, to all paid accounts. Oh, squee.

You know, ever since I've been on LJ, I think I got a full month and a lil' more of "free" paid time due to little commercial gestures like that. Sure, it means there ARE problems to make up for every once in a while, but what service hasn't? And how many services offer you something for your troubles without a lot of hassle?

I think LJ is the only one I've seen that does it.

In other news...
- found and finished the 2nd proofread of "Wipe Out"
- which means I'll be able to put it on FF.net gradually, and on my website too
- booked a ticket
- am in the way of getting rid of a few other "things to do"
Yaye! Being productive rules.

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