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canon slash

I watched a bit of Interview With The Vampire last week-end to see what places in Paris I was supposed to photograph. I haven't been able to see what was supposed to be shot in the Pere Lachaise cemetary, unless it's the crypt scenes from the Theatre des Vampires.
I haven't recognized either where they shot the external scenes of the Theatre.
But I have a better idea of the other places. Funny how they managed to film them to make them look quite different from what they really are.

On the same tape, there's the first hour of "Farewell my concubine". With Leslie Cheung. Canon slash at the Beijing Opera, which inspired me one of my versions of "How Kunzite and Zoisite got together" (ff.net link). And a drabble in another fandom - that doesn't exist except in my head.

And you know what? I really, really want to see this movie now. Except I'd need to find a 3-hours straight time slot, and also A DVD OF IT BECAUSE IT DOESN'T EXIST IN ZONE 2!


I knew I should have bought it when I was in San Francisco, but I'd been hoping that after Leslie's death, they'd do release a new version with added bonuses about him. I miss him, too.
And now I'm sorry I got rid of my Leslie icon. He was just too darn cute in that movie. And I want to pet him.

*pets ghost-Leslie*

Farewell, precious one. Your legacy lives on. May the blue dragon watch over you and bring you the peace you missed in life.