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Courtesan in Paris

And then sometimes life is good.

But then you don't have anything to complain about in your LJ.

Had a lovely - albeit cold - afternoon yesterday, walking around in historical Paris and taking pictures (that I'll show later since I'm not using a digital camera and need to finish the film and get them developped first...).
I love this town. It makes me feel joyful just to walk around in it and find its hidden treasures.

I know it's sales over here, but I never thought you could get one for so cheap.

A courtesan for 4.50 Euros...

Actually it's the name of a tea.

I sat down in a salon de thé in the Palais Royal because it was cold and I had time to waste before going to get my previous set of pictures back from the photo office. I intended to have a hot chocolate, but I saw they served this tead "Courtisane" and it looked yummy (citrus fruits and red ones), and it was funny.

I didn't think the bill would come out this way, though, and it's even better.

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