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Moulin Rouge fics and mood theme

First, a few fics that I've been pointed to by people who read my Moulin Rouge drabble on FF.net. Evidence that sometimes netting does work.

by Yvi

- a short follow-up to the movie, in an alternate reality where Satine didn't die. Obviously, the keyword of this one was "no fluffy", to make a break from the expected "And Satine and Christian lived happily ever after" written by the usual language-impaired teens that FF.net has grown infamous for. But if you have the time to dig, or if you get some clues or recs, you can actually find good stuff stored there, too.
The only thing is that if you want fluffy happy things, err... Don't read this fic.

Fairy Tale No Longer
by Rosemarie-ouhisama

- this one is actually a follow-up to Palingenesis, and in the same line. Same comments mostly, except it has 3 chapters so far. Fleshes up (if that verb doesn't exist, it should) the whole "What if Satine had lived past the end of the movie?" bitter fantasy.

And synchronicity at work has ewanme posting a Moulin Rouge moodtheme on, unsurprisingly, moodtheme.

And for once I can use that icon a propos.