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For once I regret that I don't have Pink TV (the only cable gay channel in France).
They're having a thematic night on Björn Andresen, best known for having played the young Tadzio in "Death in Venice", to celebrate his 50th birthday.

Okay, the movie's long, and kinda boring, and a lil' bit on a pedophile's dream, but there was indeed something in Tadzio's look in a couple of scenes.
It would have been interesting to see the two documentaries aside (especially the second one, as I expect that Visconti's one, OTOH, would be... Whatever. An old artist falling head over heels for a 15 yrs old boy's beauty, tell me why I'm showing fangs and snarling, really...).

I found out about it while seeing an article on Björn on the last page of Libération that a woman was reading today in the RER, so I bought the newspaper in question to read the article.
It's... interesting. Totally depressing to see how the movie absorbed most of his life, too.

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