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Random comics geek sighting : Jim Lee

Not totally random, it's just that I had totally forgotten that he was in Paris for a signing in a comics bookshop on Sunday. The one where I pop up on a regular basis to get my fix, now that I'm back on the drawn drug.

The shop in question had a whole "signing month" with big names like Claremont and Jim Lee (and others more recent ones that I don't know all that well). It was raining and I came up a bit late to get a ticket, and I didn't want to wait in the cold, so I passed... But I peeked through the window to at least see what he looked like. And he looks like a young, actually not unattractive Chinese guy. With a base-ball cap.

I wasn't able to see him drawing, though, which is what would have interested me most.
Though I must say that another reason why I didn't stay is that when he arrived on the X-Men something like 10 years ago, it was fresh and stylish and cool and better than many other artists. But then a lot of artists copied his style, and as he moved to other series (and his own, co-founded company Image and his own serie of which I forget the name of, because I was never really caught by it... too cold, too "pretty sexy chicks"), it became too repetitive.

The whole repetition thing not being limited to him, of course, and why I eventually gave up comics for a loooong while.

I figure I'm just bored.

And I missed Rachel. *hugs Rachel*

Even if they over-use all the incarnations of Phoenix to sell paper. And Wolverine, too, but I don't care, because I'm not a huge fan of Wolvie (I like him, just I'm not a fan), so it's not a problem for me to miss out on Wolvie material.
It's more difficult to resist the temptation of buying Endsong, the new short series centered on Phoenix, with the Dark Phoenix on the cover...

But I will wait, because I noticed that the recent "trend" is to publish all the "important" short stories as graphic novels only a couple of months after they were out in 22-pages booklets. And I'd rather have a cheaper, solid cover graphic novel than the pile of fragile comics that is starting to grow quickly in my bedroom...

I find it interesting that in 90% of cases when they bring back Phoenix, they do so with the Dark Phoenix costume, not the green one...


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Jan. 31st, 2005 09:28 pm (UTC)
I've ordered the Endsong issues, and yes I noticed the fast publishing of paperbacks too. I bet there will be an Endsong Paperback soon.
I switched to those paperback too in most cases, I often have one or two issues missing from a miniseries or ongoing series (but I prefer miniseries, I think I grew tired of those endless series).
Feb. 1st, 2005 06:57 pm (UTC)
(but I prefer miniseries, I think I grew tired of those endless series).

Yeah, me too, that's one of the reasons why I had stopped reading. After a while it seems to turn in circles with characters losing powers, gaining powers, same old villains showing up...
That's why I try to stay away from it. It's like soap shows, you can easily get caught, but sometimes it's too artificial, too marketed...
Jan. 31st, 2005 11:41 pm (UTC)
They probably go with the Dark Phoenix costume because the whole evil thing is more alluring and sexy for some reason. Plus, the red and gold is a better and more complimentary colour scheme for Jean, IMO.

As for the comics? Very nifty. I'm one who prefers having the pamphlets over the trades, and try to support them whenever I can. Which is a lot. ;)

Feb. 1st, 2005 07:00 pm (UTC)
Ditto for the colour. Also red and gold doesn't look as flashy or kitsch than green and gold :)

I find pamphlets get expensive pretty fast, and are difficult to store securely. I don't especially want to speculate on their value, but with the state of my flat it's hard to keep a pamphlet unharmed very long... o_O
And they don't stand on their own.
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