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Interview with the Vampire in Paris

Pictures behind the cut. Somewhat big. And many.

Forgot to say that on Saturday afternoon, I eventually popped to see if the Opera could be visited. It can (from 10am to 5 pm), but I was there just a little too late for the actual complete visit, so I had to satisfy myself with taking pictures of the entrance halls and what I could peek at without crossing the red cords.

The Opera : no vampire in sight, and no Phantom either
(it's the actual Opera where the Phantom novel takes place)

I'm told that two scenes of IWTV were shot there : one of Louis and Claudia going out to the actual Opera, and filmed in the Great Hall, and one of the interior that's supposed to be their hotel.

The entrance hall. Oh, you can see the reflection of my flash in the far end! *face plant*
On the right are statues of famous musicians (Lulli, Haendel, and actually two that were probably more famous at the time the opear was buitl than they are now ^^;,,)

The Great Stairs seen from the entrance Hall.
You have no idea how long it took to get a picture of that *without* herds of tourists posing or walking on it. *sigh*

Peek at the balcony around the Great Stairs, taken from the same place.

And that would be why, ladies and gentlemen, I rather like to not use flash in some circumstances. The following ones were all taken without, and instead of a bland and old looking building, it suddenly looks more comfy and intimate and magical.
(and blurry. Shut up)
This isn't the most interesting sight of the Opera, but I couldn't remember in what sections of it IWTV had been shot, so I took it too, since I was there.

The Great Stairs shot from a side door.
The candle lights aren't actual candles, as you can imagine...

Another center short of the Great Stairs, from a little farther than the flash one. Ain't it look better in that light, with the actual creepy shadows on the wall sculptures?

And last shot of the entrance section.

Maybe some day I'll go in there.

Palais Royal

It's lucky I already knew the place before I watched the relevant scenes in IWTV looking for what I was supposed to shoot, because they shot it in a way that makes it appear pretty different.

For one it's a night shot (not very surprising), and for two they filmed it pretty much that way, close to the pillars of the arcades, so that with the night and the trees, it looks like a unpaved street instead of a park.
Claudia arrives from the back towards the camera, then...

she walks through the open gates on the side, and...

... gets under the arcade, inside the doll maker's shop (which doesn't exist in real).

Rue Hirondelle

I'd never heard of that street before I was told what to look for, but then it turned out I'd been passing in front of it hundreds of times without noticing it at all...

Because from the outside, it looks like this. Could be an inner yard or something, but no, it's a street, opening on the Place Saint Michel, not far from l'Ile de la Cité, on the Seine side. Highly touristic place and one of my favorite of Paris.
And still I'd never paid attention to this.

So you walk inside...

And from the other side it looks like this.

I think the shot in IWTV is rather shot from a distance like this. But by night.

And so I got back there at night - once when I was out for dinner in the neighborhood with my brother because narrow dark and desert street by night = not going there alone thank you.
It's the scene that leads to Louis meeting Santiago for the first time. He's seen walking alone in the street towards with those archs in the background, hears footsteos behind him, turns around...

Pont-Neuf (I had already posted this one but it belongs to this post)

...cut, and then he's actually shot with the arch of the Pont Neuf behind him (much closer than this view, but there were people near the bridge and cars under it, so I couldn't have had a good shot anyway, I need to find a moment where there wouldn't be any of all this there).
Shot in such a way that you don't see the Seine and that it's the riverside (one of the 4 at this place, because this arch is on the south side of the Ile de la Cité actually), but rather think that it's a street.
Santiago appears and does his "walk on the ceiling" on the inside of the arch.

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