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Keanu Reeves - Constantine premiere in Paris

So he's the guy mostly with his back to us, with the blue scarf (Paris in February = cold. Especially when you arrive from Hong Kong). I scanned that pic to show that, contrary to a lot of famous people, he doesn't look smaller in real. Quite the opposite.
Quite tall, he is.

Also, color blind, I figure, since blue scarf + beige suede shoes = bad.

Inside the special thingy they built for the premiere. I wanted to take a batch of pics of it after the red carpet because it was quite impressive, but eh :( Stupid batteries.

And close-up of the same.

Goofy. I don't know how he manages to look goofy just walking. Pretty adorkable, actually.

Yes, he smiled!

And I was reminded to post this because of a cable channel airing a "Keanu Reeves night".
With "River's Edge", one of his earlier movies, where he (again) plays a disturbed young man), and a documentary.
That movie is very weird.

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