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Musing on Keanu acting... (stop laughing)

*looks at latests posts*
Man, I never thought I'd ever use this icon so much.

I wasn't always convinced by Keanu's acting... No really, I tried. For once I tried to watch him objectively, and discern what makes the difference between what I call good acting (I'm no movie mogul so it's still subjective, I figure), and what he does.
I figure that for me, good acting is when the actor believes in what he plays. I don't know *how* they do it. Some use the Method and "become" their character, some use methods and just look like they are so (though I tend to find the first ones more gripping, for the ones who I do know are channeling their character).

That is why I wasn't always convinced with JM's acting in Angel, BTW, but that was the obsessive side comment.

Anyway, I have yet to find why, but Keanu Reeves fails to convince me that he is Constantine, or even that he believes in Constantine.
That's pretty weird, and then it makes sense with some things from his biography, and stuff I do feel about him. I wonder if he'll ever find a role that he will relate to enough that it will show through. Or if he found one, in what movie it was.

Actually, after the first half-hour of "Speed", I stopped laughing at "Keanu in L.A. S.W.A.T. bullet proof jacket" and did buy his character. So he's not always unconvincing, even with shallow scripts.
(can't get the "You're not sorry to be alive" quote out of my head)
And he "works" as Neo.

But Constantine, nope. Then maybe I shouldn't be too hard on him on this one, because how easy can it be to give life to a character written with such lame sentences?

There are so many mirrors and masks around this guy. It so makes me want to go there and shatter them all.
Yeah, I'm mean. But he'd act better if he could do that. It's for Art, dammit!
(yes, I am being sarcastic here)

Coincidentally, I just found this article on Time Canada about him that says a lot of the same, but with more than my intuition to back it up. (Beware, it contains spoilers for Constantine)
The Man Who Isn't There
(about the "almost nobody he really knows at the Walk on Fame circus a few weeks ago" thing, though, it may not be that he didn't have anybody to go with, but more simply that he's not going to drag real relationships into a media oriented event. That nobody even considers the option tells more about them and their conception of privacy than about him...)

Shelter. Gotta work on this.

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