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I <3 moodtheme

This community has inspired me a lot lately, though I haven't gotten around to find the time to put it to use.

A lot of interesting mood themes have been presented there since the last time I mentioned it. Some that made me want to use and make a layout that would fit the mood theme.

Cristina Ricci

I think I mentioned the "Never Ending Story" mood theme? It's on the same site.

Addams Family / Addams Family Values *squee*

Also I found two other mood themes communities :

There are more than that, but I only note the ones I find an interest in.
Some were x-posted.

1) mood_mania

Max - Dark Angel

Sienna Miller, by missustay *smirk* I'm sure silverthoughts is going to *love* this one...


Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas

HD Comics

2) moody_girls, which subtitles itself "An Elite Moodtheme Community", which isn't exactly... appealing.

On which someone posted a Tigger mood theme o_O (I will not comment. I will not comment)
Oh man. There's a whole huge Tigger website out there.

Kate Winslet mood theme

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert mood theme

Ooooh... Audrey Hepburn mood theme

Draco Malfoy

Indiana Jones by __unwilted

Back to the Future

Shrek 2

And a tutorial for people with free accounts who want to use mood themes anyway

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