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Why some people don't like cats...

In the words of Calvin


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Unrelated and in French...

"Ils m'ont fait les sommations... Méchamment, hein, c'est leur travail" (le commentaire d'un pauvre gars chez qui les flics ont déboulé à 6h30 du matin en fracassant sa porte... Ils s'étaient gourés d'adresse...)

What a beautiful country.

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It's snowing again. Now snow has even settled on Paris, and tomorrow it's supposed to snow for the whole day long o_O

3 or 4 days of snow in row in the middle of the town, where it usually melts right away, it's quite rare... I need pictures...

And I'm developping a sore throat, aaarg :(
One that's not caused by thyroid, this time, the real one. Blah.

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