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Got around to eventually go to a swimming-pool.

It's not too far from my place (by subway anyway), it's not too crowded in the morning (but I'll have to get up at the same time that when I go to work if I want to really be there before families start to show up), so I think I'll do it again.

But if anyone tells you like swimming is like riding a bike, you never forget it? Well it's true, it's like riding a bike : you CAN forget it. I used to be able to cross a rather nice lake all right (not with a fancy style, but it worked), and there I found myself swimming like a domestic iron...
Well the swimming wasn't very effective but it got me ahead, but the main problem I had was to keep my head out of the water. I've forgotten when you're supposed to breath and how to avoid inhaling water... Also it makes my neck ache, which makes me suspect that all those years without swimming but with intensive computer typing messed up with my spine big time.

Which may explain the rowing machine problems. No way I can find the right position to use it if my natural standing/sitting position is bad already, and getting into the "right" position hurts like hell.

So I just did 4 back-and-forth in the 33 meters pool, and then I was done. I had forgotten, also, how tiring it was to move water. Or move yourself into water. Ouch. I didn't realize I was so out of shape. Need to do that more often.

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