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Leslie Anniversary

Today, it's been two years that Leslie Cheung committed suicide, for reasons still unknown, I think...

I barely got any news of it past the initial announcement, over here. I'm not even sure that movie magazines mentioned it.

Okay, so a lot of people died around that time, apparently, but he was special to me, and it's nearly impossible to find pictures of him here (and I went through all the movie memorabilia shops of Paris), and the biggest site about him is a pay-per-view thing. And Chinese, which means it takes an hour to download one picture from here.

So as a kind of tribute, I scanned the little booklet that goes with the recently released Zone 2 DVD of "Farewell my Concubine". Not as much Leslie pics as I wished, but a few anyway. And I love the whole movie, not just him.

Though it's probably the only movie in which I ferociously hate so many of the characters, and yet love the movie. Leslie and his character make up for the rest.

I wonder if there are FmC fics? Ones that wouldn't ruin the whole thing?

I ended up using elements of it for a different fandom fic, anyway, because it's like "In the mood for love" and "Moulin Rouge", the movie is beautiful for its tragic cruelty, and trying to change that or amend it without messing it all up is... tricky.

*sigh* Cheng Dieyi.

*more sigh* Leslie Cheung.

Yes, I'm aware of the irony of posting that the same day as my previous post about other deaths. There are people I care for more some than others. And actually a fair number I don't care for at all.

And I have no Leslie icon anymore, so this one will do.

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