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The iPod song - and rec request

It's the song "Ride", by The Vines.
As I found out my accident while playing "shuffle" on the MP3 server at work.

Funny how repetition *really* is the key to someone's brain.
I hate iPod for, well, being a Mac thing first, for its invading ads, and for the fact that now you can't go anywhere without seeing people wearing the white earpads, that you would *never* have seen listening to an MP3 player or a CD player a while ago... Snubbish trends rub my skin.

But still, my brain reacts to the Ride tune because well, I've heard the iPod ads so often that it's just imprinted in my poor neurons somewhere.
*scrubs brain*

I'm trying to find new bands / singers that would really catch my ear - as opposed to the mellow jelly or depressive tunes that seems to fill radios and TV.
Any recommandation?