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It's sometimes a good reminder to see that mankind is able of such a thing : Michael Zulli detailing the progress of his painting "The Last Morpheus" - he said it would be the last Sandman he would draw, because he's always asked to do more by fans.

Breathtaking to see a painting coming to life this way. And the final art is now available on Ebay. Bids starting at $3001.

But then, I figure that for every masterpiece like this, there is an idiot reminding you of why it wouldn't be such a big loss if mankind vanished, like, *now*... And thankfully, said idiots are actively working on sparing the gene pool of their contribution.
Though not quite successfully enough for my liking.

Fortunately, cats are here to cheer you up and remind you that they are the superior species. Or the cutest, anyway.
"Houuuu, le gant!"
(ahem. I used to do that with my cats. The ones that were good-natured, anyway)

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