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Geek. Issues.

I got all geeked out yesterday finding out that on July 27, they'd release a Star Wars Comics Companion, that doesn't only cover the Dark Horse's ones, but also the whole Marvel thingies that have been "expelled" from canon...

Kiro! Dani! Shira Elan Colla Brie! Woohoo! (the last one is not a character's name)

Looks at the Star Wars Databank that *does* contain the "Extended Universe" (is that how they call the Marvel comics stories?)

How's that, Kiro's dead after the series was discontinued here? Hey, not fair!
Ah, no, he's not... *pheww*

And this post is the perfect occasion to quote this metaquote that is apparently a classic :
"She doesn't just have issues - she has an entire subscription."

I actually miss all the end of the Star Wars thing.