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A special Mary Sue Icon of the Day

By comedownstairs

For those not in the know, the lady in the icon is Susan Sto Helit. Grand-daughter of Death (by adoption).

And a fandom quote that I think a lot of fanfic authors *should* have come up with :


Was thinking about fanfic in general and realising again that I have only one really hard-and-fast rule when I write it, which is probably not immediately apparent to people; and this is that, the characters in the show having mysteriously failed to give Spike much in the way of affection, or even in many cases to notice him at all, I feel duty bound to redress that balance.

Having said which, poor old Spike might be thinking to himself: "Well, attention like that, I could have done without, thank you very much."


To all authors from all fandoms who seem to think that torturing their favorite characters is an evidence of love.
Please don't ever love me that way.

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