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So it took me to uninstall all of the AOL crap on that computer (2 versions of AOL plus 3 or 4 separate "tools"), and go into the services control panel to desactivate all the crap I saw now use for, but the DVD drive does play at a reasonably good rate... and even with sound, this time around.
*roll eyes*

Man, how do people do when they are totally clueless in computers? Not that I'm even decently good with them, I had to look up how to get into the services control panel again... But at least I know it exists and I know I can get rid of some services!


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Apr. 21st, 2005 08:54 pm (UTC)
Here in the States, we used to have this AMAZING tv channel, TechTV, that was (Obviously) all about technology. It had two live, call-in tech help shows. One for the basics, and one for the more advanced user. I used to have this channel on ALL the time in the background, and you really learned a lot about computers, internet security, all the latest viri wandering around out there, and just everything.

Then it got bought out and merged with a crappy videogame channel, that slowly killed every single show, so now it's 24 hours of videogame programming.

I'm still in mourning.

Fortunately, I can get most of my information over the 'net from various sources, including some of the hosts that still keep people very well-informed. That doesn't help chowderheads who don't know about this stuff, sadly.


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