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And I win again...

... at the random movie quizz of "Hey, isn't that such and such here?".

Recognized an actress on the Cannes red carpet report from seeing just her eyes and her hair (since it's a young-and-mainstream-unknown actress, so the camera focuses on the older, most known actors).

Of course, it's Fairuza Balk, who has rather distinctive eyes...

So, she plays in the new Wim Wenders movie. Competing in Cannes today.


(snatched from ladynaberrie)

Star Wars Horoscope for Libra

You are on a lifelong pursuit of justice and determined to succeed.
You convey the art of persuasion through force.
You always display your supreme intelligence.
You have a great talent in obtaining balance between yourself and your surroundings.

Star wars character you are most like: Obi Wan Kenobie

My tendancy to display supreme intelligence includes pointing out that you misspelled "Kenobi".
But never mind.
I wish I had gotten Anakin Skywalker. Just because I'm feeling very far, far away on the Dark Side right now.

Star Wars Horoscope for Aquarius

You can be cruel and torment people who disagree with you.
Deep down, there is a peace-loving, friendly side to you.
You have a knack for inflicting pain on people and use your intellect during battle.

Star wars character you are most like: Darth Vader

Ooooh, wait. I'm scrolling through the results and I wish I had Luke, actually... (he's for the Cancer sign). :

Star Wars Horoscope for Cancer

You may whine at times, but you've developed a thick hard shell (like that of a crab).
You are strong willed and persistent - until you get what you want.
You never shy away from a fight, even when things get dangerous.
Mentally sharp, you are starting to master the elements of mind manipulation.

Star wars character you are most like: Luke Skywalker


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