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Let's have a laugh with Star Wars

First, if you've seen "Revenge of the Sith" already, and want to laugh more than you did when [SPOILER], or when [SPOILER SPOILER], just go over to metaquotes, and track the many quotes that have members complaining that the comm has turned all over SW since the movie release.

And watch the spoilers, but they're LJ-cut.

How not to name your Sith Apprentice is quite good.

Among the comments, I also found a link to that review of the movie :


Which contains those gems :
Star Wars required heroic dialogue and Lucas never acquired an ear for it. It's as if someone who once heard a few passages of Shakespeare decided to write the sequel to Romeo and Juliet.

And for all those out here who criticize Hayden's acting in the SW movies, I couldn't say it better than this :
There ought to be an Oscar category for Best Acting with a Desperately Bad Script. I'd give it straight off to Hayden Christensen, because despite all he made the brooding Anakin Skywalker's a vigorous, compelling presence on the screen. And we almost never laughed at his lines, which is quite an achievement,


I think I no longer have to post a review of the movie.
Except I probably will, sooner or later.

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