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Icons, article

A bunch of Star Wars icons of the day :

- by juliesaintjust

- by rosalynmoon

- by wrongly_amused

- by mthomas1975

Also, non Star Wars : this icon : - by barncat98040

A new peace symbol to replace the dove and the kiwi?
Best bit : "i am for it, but i think there is something special about releasing a dove to fly over a crowd of peaceful people. Catapulting a kiwi may not have the same effect."

And an article about Hayden Christensen wanting to drop acting (link from foenix)

A film is a product and as an actor you can only sell it if you sell yourself. You don't get to sit at the table before you're ready to give away your integrity.

It also answers the question : but was he really tall and bulk enough to fill Vader's suit? (no).