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Empire Strikes Back

Leia's face as she assents to the order of closing the doors of the Hoth base while Luke and Han are still outside in the cold night, Chewie's wail, the look on Leia's face as the doors close, and C3-PO telling her the odds of survival that R2 calculated...

Now THAT was something...

As is the scene of :
Vader : "Captain Piett, take the troops on Hoth, blah blah, you're in command now, Admiral Piett" (while the Admiral Ozziel is agonizing on the ground behind Piett, choked by the Force, and Piett is trying not to look at him...)

A classic.

And the actors, they're good.
Even Mark Hamill :P
Actually, minus the hairdo, I still understand why I like Luke.

Yep. Yep. Should rewrite Episode III. Make it fit the first trilogy canon. The one where Obi-Wan tells Luke that his father didn't know that his mother was pregnant. *shakes head*
Need to find time, to plot things. It's not a slight AU to write and I need to stick to some canon, since the point is to be more fitting than the written script, not a distant variation.


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May. 31st, 2005 09:17 am (UTC)
Where in the OT did Obi-wan say that Anakin didn't know his wife was pregnant? All I recall hearing was "You were hidden from your father before you were born." Assuming that the Tantive IV (sp?), Bail's ship, counts as hidden, they were hidden from their father before they were born. Or is there another line that says Anakin didn't know that I didn't remember?
May. 31st, 2005 06:46 pm (UTC)
I didn't check yet in the movie, but I was reading the shooting script for Return of the Jedi, and in it Obi-Wan tells Luke :
When your father left, he didn't know your mother was pregnant. Your mother and I knew he would find out eventually, but we wanted to keep you both as safe as possible, for as long as possible. So I took you to live with my brother Owen on Tatooine... and your mother took Leia to live as the daughter of Senator Organa, on Alderaan.

I can't say if they changed these lines between the shooting script and the final filmed one (they did change a few other things that I can tell from just my memories, and I doubt they kept the line "my brother Owen" since nobody remembers Owen as being Obi-Wan's brother), as I've mostly seen the movie in French dubbed version and I don't recall this scene exactly.

But from the vague memories I'd kept of what I had imagined of Luke and Leia's parents story, it did fit better that Anakin didn't know his wife was pregnant, else one would assume that he'd have looked for the kids.
But it's pretty clear in Empire Strikes Back that neither he nor the Emperor knew that Anakin had a son.
When Palpatine tells Vader that he has come to the conclusion through the of disturbance in the Force that they have a new enemy and that it's Anakin's son, Vader's reaction is "How can this be?".

Making her die in childbirth, and Vader assuming that she didn't carry the children to the term, makes the trick, but... I'm not quite satisfied with it.

And he had no idea that Luke had a twin sister, either.
Okay, so neither Padme or anyone else knew it before she gave birth, but THAT is seriously stretching it... *roll eyes*
Having that kind of technology, and not even checking a pregnancy enough to find out that there are two foetus, is either stupid or irresponsible!
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