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Batman Begins : review

Spoilers ahead.

I've heard it labelled as the best of the 5 Batman movies, but I wouldn't say so. I'm partial to Michael Keaton. I think this one ranks just behind his two Batman flicks.

In a way it reminded me of "Gattaca", where I really digged all the details they got in to explain how Ethan Hawke could get around all the security tests to pass for Jude Law, while the rest of the movie was a pile of crap, logic-wise.

In "Batman Begins", my favorite bits are all the scenes where they explain where (and in the case of the cape, why) Batman gets all his stuff, and the precautions they took to avoid having someone going "Eh, who's that loony millionair ordering an armored helmet with pointy ears on it?".

Some personality things were well done, but nothing was terribly original.

I think it's the first time they gave some flesh to Bruce Wayne's father (is he even supposed to be a doctor in the canon? Or previous movies?), and made him quite likeable for a millionaire. Though I figure it'd be necessary for the parents to be likeable, else Bruce might not feel so traumatized by their death.

I can't get attached to Christian Bale. Granted I haven't seen a lot of his movies and I'd quite liked him in "Empire of the sun", but... Dunno. He wasn't bad, I just didn't care much for him.

I don't know if the whole "Tomkat" (Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes relationship, and yes, I'm scared to see that the "nicknaming 'ships" habit from fandoms has creeped into real life, but OTOH, it's quite practical) colored my feelings, or if it's just that I feel more on the Dark Side than among the "good guys" anyway, but I didn't like much Katie Holmes' character. Not to mention that I didn't quite find her believable.
How old do you need to be, to be a D.A.'s assistant? I know that she's not *that* young, and I can't even be influenced by "Dawson" since I never really watched the show, but she just... radiates something like "Hey, shallow stupid girls don't have to be blonde!".
Of course, I figure that law isn't different from any other job and that you don't *have* to be smart to do it...

Speaking of "looking too young for the part", the guy who plays Dr Crane... Cillian Murphy, says the IMDB. Yeah. 28 yrs old. Okay, old enough to have completed medical studies. But... Dunno.
He's got that kind of quality that makes him fascinating to watch (and he's not bad looking), but more like a car wreck or a "Eeewww... creepy" than in a pleasant way. At least he makes an impression, I figure.

It seemed that they spend in supporting roles all the money they spared on not casting an A-list actor for Batman, and it was quite a good idea. Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Gary Oldman, Rutger Hauer, Morgan Freeman ... Old guys rule *g*

Now if I'm really going to the sore point...

Having studied sciences past highschool, or even having some logics, sometimes just ruins a movie for you.

Because that super-doopah microwave emitter that's powerful enough to make water vaporize in pipes in the walls? It should totally make the blood of everyone BOIL in its active perimeter... *roll eyes*
People are composed of more than 50% of water. And unlike pipes, they're never made of lead or of a matter that would block microwaves.

I mean, I can close my eyes on the "bigger than life" technological toys that Batman gets, and that could hardly be done in real *now*, but this? Bugged me.

Also, saw the trailer for "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" (but I've never read the book. I know it's a classic, but it's one of those classics that either aren't classic over here, or I passed), and for "War of the Worlds".

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