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Odd - gay marriage

I don't give a damn about marriage.
I am not gay.

Yet this and this make me happy.

For the record, I always make fun or rant at the growing prudishness and "return to family values" in USA, but France is not about to legalize gay marriage or gay adoption either. We recently got a half-baked "not-marriage" with half of the rights of a "real" marriage, period.

And I recently learned that, unlike what I thought, you don't have to be a man+woman couple to adopt, a single person can, BUT not a gay couple.
WTF? Logics anyone? If you're going to pretend that gay people can't raise kids because they don't bring the yin & yang complementarity of a straight couple, then what's the excuse of single parents?

Also, gay couples can't benefit from artificial insemination either - but in that case, single mothers can't either, as far as I remember (I recall a legal case some years ago where a young widow went to the court to ask that she could use her deceased husband's semen, a sample of which had been frozen prior to his death for some reason).

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