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Illyria's screen worn costume on Ebay

here - with pics.

... Want.
Suddenly, want.

Except that (apart from the price already at US$ 3,601), Amy Acker is like 10 ft tall so it wouldn't fit me at all. Have sudden urge to actually *craft* a costume like that for me. Except I would have no occasion to wear it.

But just in case, I'm pasting the info below about what it's made of :

Q: Hi! I've been waiting for someone to put this outfit up for auction since the show ended.... Could you please tell me a little more about the condition and materials used? Meaning anything along the lines of apparent sturdiness of the outfit, any damage, thickness, and maybe type of material if you can guess what it might be. I'd really appreciate it. Also... did you happen to acquire both outfits or just this one? Thank you so much for your time. -Sara Jul-14-05
A: The outfit is in good condition. There is no obvious signs of damage to the outfit. The base (or the black part of the outfit) is made out of a flexible material similar to spandex. The Red parts of the outfit are a leather/vinyl like material these are sewn on to the spandex material. We did acquire more the on outfit from FOX archives. I hope this helps. shelly

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