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Angel - Doyle

Four days week-end, eyes / head ache a little, so trying not to stay on the computer all day long.

So, did some paper work catching up, while eventually watching some of the Angel Season 1 DVDs I bought ages ago.

So, finally discovering Doyle.

And it's a pity it's been so long, because now I mostly wonder if "cocky, booze-drinking horny guy with an accent from UK" is becoming a new trend in US TV or what. He's like a clone of Mason from "Dead Like Me". The deja vu tarnishes the thing a bit (also, I don't get the thrill about UK accents, and I can't really identify which accent exactly Doyle is supposed to have. I just don't think it's US)

And he has gay subtext re. Angel.

Seems like the current generation of TV writers were the generation of slash fic writers viewers, grown up.