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I'm torn

Litterally. By the guts.

Still queasy. I thought it was the water at work, but I haven't drunk any from there (or from my usual cantina either) today and I still feel queasy.

Coke or Pepsi work wonders on it, only it's temporary, but I know by experience that I can't drink too much of it either, or I'll go back the different kind of stomach pains, the *stab stab* ones I got from drinking "too much" coffee (that's 2 cups a day for ya...) or caffeinated drinks - and other sparkling sodas in general don't help.

Which is why I'm a pain to be with in restaurants and pubs. It's not just that I'm picky about what I put in my mouth. It's also because I really don't fancy spending hours curled up in pain or wanting to throw up in the name of social drinking/eating thx.


Any other remedy to that?

Basically I found out / tested that :

1) must eat. Empty stomach is self-eating otherwise, yuck.

2) it's better to avoid sugary stuff - I science-wanked that the evil bacterias probably feasted on it as the good ones do.

3) ditto acid ones. Though maybe because my stomach doesn't like acid stuff in any occasion.

4) my body tells me to eat salty stuff. I learned not to discuss what my body tells me. It's very self-balancing like that, when you make sure to listen to the body and not the fucked-up brain begging for chemical release. Evil bacterias don't like salt. Of course, I figure blood vessels don't either... :P But it's temporary.

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