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A happy birthday to wickedcherub, and a belated happy one to nemesis2207, though I already wished her in her LJ yesterday :)

Walked a bit in Paris. None of the English / US bookstores of the Opera neighborhood have any book by Glen Cook. It sucks immensely. I wanted to quote one here, but I only read the French versions.

OTOH, had a "home-made" pear/raspberry ice-cream at Angelina's, possibly tastier than the renowned Berthillon ones (and bigger). Not sure it makes my stomach any better, but my mood, yes.

Found out that Brentano's has opened a year ago a "cat gallery", just next door to their bookstore, a shop solely dedicated to cat merchandising. Postcards, books, statues, eeeeverything and anything cat-shaped. It's small (12 m2) and kitschier than a British old lady's interior, but it's funny.
Also they will do a science-fiction book sale in September. Interesting.
Plus, I found out too late they were doing a Harry Potter release party / night. And here I thought it wouldn't happen over here.

*pats pats town*
I'm feeling better now, thanks old mate.
The more I travel and the more I wonder why the f*** do I ever leave you?
Except for the part where I can't find Glen Cook's books in English, that is.