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Pic spam 1 : Paris, Pere Lachaise cemetery

Some months ago, on a sudden inspiration (and because I needed to use up my films), I went to the cemetery of Pere Lachaise (the biggest within Paris).
It was soon after one of the rare snow falls in Paris, and even though snow had melt in the rest of the town, some remained there.

This cemetery is famous for "hosting" many celebrities graves, among which Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde (both graves are not as nice as I'd like, so I didn't take pictures. Jim's one is nearly impossible to access, both due to its position, and to barriers to protect it from vandalism. Some fans can't even respect a grave).

I thought it was cute... Putting a sculpture of the dog at his master's feet.

... I think the black shadow on the side is the camera's handle. Ooops.

a kind of widdle Joan of Arc, she even has the bowl cut!

for someone as ferociously allergic to religion as I am, I have an unlikely liking for sculptures of angels. And churches.

dead wood in a dead place

water and erosion leave strange markings...

it's always a bit odd to see young faces on a grave

at least some color! I liked the contrast (yes, they are fake plastic flowers).

Creepy... Though my camera has ONE flaw. A tendancy to make the focus on the background when the subject in the middle is too small in the frame. *grumble* And I always forget it.

"Death Backstage". Made me think of "Dead like me". Go figure. It's right behind a line of graves along one of the main aisles.

... Not Egypt, no. You could ask yourself. Yes, it's a pharaoh pattern.

and more creepy.

weeeee, little flowers! (it was a late snow fall, in spring) And a little color in a gray film.

a grave in the shape of a book, now that's what I need...

another artificial rose (and another bad focus from my automatic camera). Some people have a nice sense of dramatization.

cat stalking (1) : there are cats in there. So I tracked cats.

the sculpture in the back is tainted in green by corrosion, as the one in the foreground is tainted in orange. I thought it made a nice color construction, but it didn't come out as well as the real thing.

the grave is not especially nice, but it's one of the few people buried here that I really like, and also one of the few who I remember hearing about the death of, and mourning... French humorist Pierre Desproges. Highly sarcastic, excellent mastership of the language. Died in his 40es of cancer, after a lot of numbers mocking it (it was not publically known before his death that he was sick).

probably a consequence of the 2001' Big Storm?

cat stalking (2) : this one is a two-parter. See, this black and white cat spot me watching him, and looked cautious. So I thought I'd be smarter than him, and take a side way to sneak behind them, to get closer to get better pictures. So I walked away, then when I was out of sight hidden by graves, I sneaked down the slope, proceeded silently towards them from behind, peeked over a stone cross...

... and burst out laughing as I saw the black and white cat peeking at me from behind his tomb, waiting for me to appear. 0wned! By a cat. I felt so stupid. Okay, you won, hands down, smart cat!

preeeeetty lady!

preeeeetty lady in red!

see the glow of our Lord around this angel that... Hey, maybe I could sell the pic on Ebay! (the vertical broken line near his wing is apparently a little dust speck that scratched my film all the way down to the last pic next *grumble*

because I liked to be able to take pictures of "virgin" snow on which no one had walked, I took care not to walk on it either, which involved much jumping, sneaking on graves' borders (not ON graves...), and generally looking like a loony to the people who were walking on the aisles and not between the graves lines, like anybody in their right mind.

trying to catch a glow of sun though the tainted glasses.

BTW, a question for upcoming pic spams. Given that I'll put them all behind lj-cuts, do you prefer thumbnails or the direct pics? Direct pics are longer to download at first, but OTOH if you're going to do it anyway, it avoids the "right click => open in new window" thing...


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Jul. 25th, 2005 02:10 am (UTC)
Very nice pictures! I really like your use of lighting. Personally, I appreciate having the thumbnails. I have a slow internet connection, so a lot of full-sized images on one page tends to overwhelm my system.

I love cemeteries for some reason. There's something so peaceful and sacred about them. Interesting and/or old tombs are always nice to look at, and I'm definitely making a note to visit cemetery of Pere Lachaise when I finally start traveling. And like you, I have a fondness of religious symbols (angels especially) even though I am not a religious person.
Jul. 28th, 2005 06:34 pm (UTC)
I really like your use of lighting.

Thanks, though I'm not sure how much credit I can take about it since I mostly shoot what / how I can, the camera does the rest. But this camera is very, very good with lights.
Its only downside is it has no zoom.

Personally, I appreciate having the thumbnails.

Okay, will do ^_^

I love cemeteries for some reason. There's something so peaceful and
sacred about them.

Yes, and in big crowded cities like Paris, one of the few places where you can listen to a relative silence. Also there are quite a lot of different trees, so I like this one.
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