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Amber loved Anne Rice / cool mums exist

article in which Amber Benson explains her writing comic scripts involving vampires because her "love for Lestat and Louis has followed [her] into adulthood."

This being told, that would explain why I thought most characters in her movie "Chance" (especially her own) were despicable, if her fave characters from Anne Rice are Lestat and Louis.

( <3 Armand forever )

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Cool mums exist, metaquotes is here to testify

Anyway, when we were pulling into the Staples parking lot, some guy cut us off real bad. Then parked. And went into the grocery store.

So we went into Staples and got our stuff and came out and his truck was still there. It had a Arizona licence plate and a sticker that said 'Real Men Love Jesus'.

"John," my mother said. "Hand me those printable stickers I got for your father."

I handed them to her.

"Now give me a sharpie."

So I gave her that too.

Now underneath his jesus sticker and we don't know if he ever noticed it is 'Because he's dreamy <3'

Note to self : always carry stickers and a sharpie with you. And a lighter.