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Comic Corner : Neith a.k.a. Sunswift

I have a quite unoriginal draw for fiery female characters. This is one of those. Another lady of flames.
- and another pic spam - only 4, thumbnailed.

Sunswift, from the short-lived "Futurians" comic book, penned and penciled by Dave Cockrum a loooong time ago (I think 198x-something?).
The first 3 parts were published in French by Lug as a graphic novel back then, right at the peek of my comic frenzy, so I bought it (despite not knowing the characters) and liked it (despite the typical retro-80es new-age flashy super-hero look, but hey, it WAS the 80es, and it all was normal at that time).

Especially two characters, who are hinted to have known each for much longer than they were supposed to : Sunswift and Avatar.

The plot :

cover of one of the second French 3 books

Very far in the future of Earth. Two cities have nearly brought Earth to its destruction in their never-ending war. One side (the "bad" side) steals energy from the sun to go back to the past and conquer victory from their with their superior technology.

For lack of time and energy to follow them, the "good" side has to limit themselves to send genetic "seeds" in the past so they'd "enhance" some people randomly targeted, and the spirit of a man who will guide them.
They do so with the help of Sunswift, a mysterious and powerful being who lives in the sun and whose life is closely associated with the sun's. She wants to help taking down the Inheritors, who reduced her life expectancy by aspiring so much energy from it.

Sunswift has nearly died after a rough attack. She's not happy.

Pretty much in our time, the guy, incarnated in an ex-tramp and named Vandervecken, has made a fortune with the knowledge he had from the future, created a megacorp, Futurians. He hires people from different horizons to reveal them what makes them special (so far, only athletic and mental qualities, but nothing surreal). After activating the seeds with a machine powered by the young Sunswift (she can communicate through time with her older/younger self. Nifty!), the team is transformed into super-beings.

It's coming out of this machine that the team is introduced to Sunswift as their last team member... And it turns out that Andrew Pendragon, presumably "just" a genius tactician who made a fortune with his mind, now called Avatar and granted super-strength and ability to fly, already knows her.
Quite intimately, from the warmth in their exchange, even though she can't touch any matter without reducing it into ashes (hence her always levitating).

the team first meets Sunswift... Except for one of them

And they speak a language that no one understands. The only thing Avatar will tell Vandervecken about it is that they met in Egypt, a few thousand years ago. Because despite his talents and megacorp, Vandervecken failed to realize that even before the gene activation, Arthur wasn't a normal man. He's been walking on Earth for about 3000 years.

So... the rest of the story is classic super-hero business with them discovering their new powers, fighting the bad guys in team. It never went past 8 numbers, I think.

But Sunswift and Avater always stuck in a corner of my memory.

Weeeee pretty! It's pictures like this one that made me start copying comic books to draw.

For the record, I found out that "Neith" (the name Avatar calls Sunswift, probably her real name) is the name of an Egyptian goddess, whose role varies : I've found her called a "prime" goddess, mother of the sun (makes sense here...), she's the mother of the crocodile-god Sobek. She's also the archer goddess of war and hunting, later associated by Greeks to Athena. And has a reputation in magics and medecine (which makes her the equivalent of Apollo, too, then?). She was also revered as having invented weaving.

She's usually represented as a woman wearing the red crown of Lower Egypt.

this page ends up on the words :
She was 'Everything that has been, that which is, and everything that will be', the female creator god of Egypt.


Also while checking for resources on-line, I found out in this interview that the Futurians were not dead yet.

BM: I understand that your creator owned title, The Futurians has been been optioned for a possible feature film. Can you fill us in on the details?

DC: Yes, that's true. My good friend, Clifford Meth, got me connected with IDT Entertainment, who are interested in the Futurians, most likely as a live action feature film, although they're also studying the possibility of an animated film or TV series. Cliff is currently the writer of record, and we'll be working closely together on a screen treatment. That ought to be fun. Current plans are to adapt all or part of the first Futurians graphic novel, originally published as Marvel Graphic Novel #9.

BM: Will there be any new Futurians comics coming out of this?

DC: Yes, indeed. I'm nearly finished penciling and scripting the first new issue of Futurians, which is, I believe, slated to be inked by Bob Wiacek. I believe IDT is thinking of reprinting the existing stuff first, then continuing on into the new series.

Also his official site :
Dave Cockrum.net

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