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Lyrics /song spam for people

For wickedcherub :

I don't have comfort fic, but I have :

Because I found out they do help reinforcing a decision sometimes ;)

Artist: Natalie Imbruglia
Album: Left of the middle
Song: Leave me alone

I ask you to hold me, but you don´t wanna hold me,
it doesn´t work that way
I want you to love me, but you don´t wanna love me,
I´m losing patience now
oh leave me alone (oh leave me alone)
stop asking for more
I´m goin´ home on my own
oh leave me alone (oh leave me alone)
I´m walking out of the door
I´ll make it on my own

leave me alone
leave me alone
leave me alone
just leave me alone

you like me to stroke you
careful I don´t choke you, did you read my mind
you say don´t be blue
that is the best you can do
I´ve lost my patience now

And I don't have any fitting icon for this so...

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